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Sho-Me Technologies utilizes optical technology that brings the latest features and advantages to your business. We use a full line of optical innovations including Ethernet and Wavelength services that will deliver a wide range of connectivity to meet all of your needs. With optical technology in place, other services which require the high bandwidth demands of the latest data communications are at your fingertips.


Sho-Me Technologies, LLC, a certified interexchange carrier by the Missouri Public Service Commission, provides advanced telecommunications capability with access to network architecture and a business model which utilizes a fixed access network as an infrastructure for enabling other service providers, fixed or wireless, to provide advanced services to the end user. The intended purpose of the network is not to limit the use, but instead to share the access between unlimited numbers of users. The network is commercially available to both public and private entities. It adheres to the principles contained in the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement. It does not show favoritism to any applications and/or content over others, nor does it define the kind of services that can be offered by other providers. Sho-Me Technologies, LLC merely provides the infrastructure, network and facilities to allow those connections to be made. Sho-Me Technologies, LLC is not a service provider, but is a carrier of transport infrastructure which operates in accordance with all applicable statutes, rules and regulations.

The network management policies are demonstrated within the terms and conditions provided to users requesting access to the network. Any changes to the policies are provided to customers in the form of written notice. The services provided by Sho-Me Technologies, LLC are transport services including Point to Point TDM and Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, Ethernet Cloud, Dedicated Internet Access and Special Applications. The special applications include a variety of solutions such as Customized Data Networks, Distance Learning Solutions, Specialized Collocation, Video Applications, Campus Networks, Disaster Recovery Solutions and Private Voice Networks. With a point to point fiber connection, Sho-Me Technologies provides business to business connectivity in a wide range of service types including DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48 and Ethernet scalable from 1 Mb/s to 10 GigE. Sho-Me Technologies, LLC operates several Gigabit Ethernet rings across Missouri. The bandwidth inside each of these rings is dedicated to Ethernet transport and divided into VLANs. Each customer is assigned to a private VLAN, which is carried via fiber optic cable to the customer location. Wavelength services and dark fiber are also available in some areas. Sho-Me Technologies, LLC is interconnected with several other carriers and has Points of Presence in major “Telco Hotels” in Missouri cities like St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield. These interconnections create a pathway to anywhere in the world. Sho-Me Technologies, LLC is completely neutral and open to all service providers.


Reliability is the cornerstone of the Sho-Me Technologies network. Our ring topology allows greater dependability and reduced outages for our customers and the entire system is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, just call our toll-free number and speak directly with one of our representatives. You can rest assured that our NOC technicians will respond promptly to your concerns.


Sho-Me Technologies owns and operates a state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC). We know your business depends on your connections, so our NOC support is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The NOC team proactively monitors our network so they can identify and resolve problems before they affect you. Should you ever run into an issue on your circuit, our highly trained technicians are ready to answer your call.