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One of our main goals at Sho-Me Technologies is to make sure that the children in the communities we serve have the same opportunities as the youth in urban areas. Sho-Me has provided high-speed telecommunications to schools all over South Central Missouri since 1997. Whether it is finding that perfect fit for telecommunication services for your school or acquiring the needed assistance with funding, the staff at Sho-Me are always happy to help.

 Sho-Me Technologies serves K-12 schools with student populations that range from as few as 270 students to over 5,000 students. Sho-Me also works with several different Distance Learning Consortiums and Secondary Education Institutions.

 The Universal Service Administration Company’s E-Rate Program, created by the Federal Communication Commission, is a great asset for schools. It provides up to 90% funding for telecommunication needs. Each year, the program funds up to $2.5 billion worth of projects enabling children all over the United States to receive an enhanced education. The program determines each school’s eligibility based on their school lunch program and their status as either rural or urban. The process consists of several different steps including a bidding procedure, which insures the school will get the very lowest price available. Visit the Universal Services website for more information at

The possibilities are endless with fiber optics. Schools throughout the nation have used the technology not only to educate students through distance learning, but also to benefit faculty through private network support groups, trainings via teleconferencing, as well as telecommuting for the appropriate staff. Schools are also using fiber for their security systems, allowing school grounds to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.